American Pale Ale

Amber colored Pale Ale of english tradition, highly hopped, bitter with distinct malty notes, characterized by the use of American hops. The heart of this beer is the english Pale malt which, in addiction to other “special” malts, creates a well outlined malty flavour in mouth. American hops do the rest: abundance of floral notes, drizzied, resin (pine tree), and tropical fruits wrap around palate at the first sip. Its features make it a beer to be accompanied by red meats, burgers, salami and cheeses. All of our beers are non-pasteurized, non-filtered, re-fermented in bottle and are closely linked to our land. The sediment on the bottom of the bottle is a sign of the genuine nature of the product.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast.

Ibu: 60.

Alcohol by Vol: 5,5% vol.

Service temperature: 6°/8° C.

Recommended glass:Goblet

Available in both 750ml and 375ml glass bottles.